The observations of an object in motion: A mobile device captures the trajectories of objects liberated from and bound to land, against a backdrop of uniquely human dissonance. Terrestrial attempts to articulate a desire to transcend bodily limits with electronics and machines, while acknowledging an unavoidable level of dysfunction. The film was inspired by an incident in 2014 where a Blue Line train in Chicago failed to stop at its final destination, the O’Hare airport, and eventually came to a stop halfway up the escalator at the airport’s entrance. Terrestrial re-imagines this accident as an earthbound machine’s failed takeoff.

Toronto International Film Festival
New York Film Festival
FIC Valdivia
Big Ears Music Festival
Images Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Oak Cliff Film Festival
Roots and Culture, Chicago IL
Hong Kong Arts Centre
The Nightingale Microcinema, Chicago IL
Blind Dates, Rotterdam, NL (special screening curated by Edwin Carels)