Heights (2013) is a dialogue between different times and spaces, captured from a single window, over the course of a year. The piece examines the rhythms of a neighborhood,  and the role of architecture as an indifferent host to its fluctuations. Heights finds echoes of high-rise window frames in the glow of flat screen televisions, and investigates the accuracy of the world on screen versus actual human experience. As the piece builds, it tries to navigate the relationship between both the intensity and mundanity that seem to exist in places simultaneously.

Tampere Film Festival
Vienna Independent Shorts
Indielisboa *Culturgest Schools Award for Best Short Film*
Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa
Athens International Film and Video Festival
Berlin Directors Lounge
Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema *One of five winners: International Competition*
Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago IL
The Nightingale Microcinema, Chicago IL